Friday, June 3, 2011

Long Time!

Hey Everyone,

I'm so sorry that I haven't put up a post in such a long time! But summer is coming up and I will be able to write more.

Recently I've been really into watching youtube videos. One of my favorite beauty gurus and very good friend makes videos. You should check them out. Her channel is this link:

I've linked her channel before in posts but that's just incase.

So that's all for today. I hope you have an amazing weekend!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So of course, I set myself up for failure. I created the goal to blog for one month, then miss the next day. Nothing really exciting has been happening, just wanted to update all of you. Tune in for something more exciting tomorrow! (Hopefully!)


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Second Day:)


So today is the second day of me blogging. My goal is to blog everyday...until when? I'll try to blog everyday until April 27th. I can do one month. The challenge is on!

The only thing that might be hard about this is that I only do something exiting, like, once-twice a week. But I'll try to keep this interesting.

Anyway, I wanted to let you guys know in a blog post from yesterday I was talking about youtube and forgot to mention that my friend, Carrie, has a channel. She is a beauty guru, check her out! As always, the link:

So, I hope my blog posts haven't been too boring.

Tune in tomorrow for day 3!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Sephora Trip: Product Reviews

Hey Guys!

Recently I went to Sephora and picked up a few things. I'm going to tell you my thoughts about them and give you the links, incase your interested.

First thing I got was the NARS lip gloss in turkish delight.
I am in love with this lip gloss! First of all, the packaging is really nice. The actual product is pigmented and super creamy. Is it a lovely color for all skin tones and I definitly reccomend it.

I also got the Sephora by O.P.I. 6 Piece Mini Nail Polish Kit.
This is one of my favorite nail polish kits. I love that they are mini sizes first of all, because I personally never finish a whole thing of nail polish. All the colors are pretty, bright, and fun to wear, no matter what the season. It's the perfect mix of light and dark colors. I love it!

The third thing I got was a bottle of Clinique's "Take the Day Off" Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes, and Lips.
This item was a repurchase and something I swear by. I really don't think any makeup remover could top this one. It gets every last drop of makeup. It is so great.

The last thing I got was the Naked Eye Pallete from Too Faced.
This product is awesome! It comes with nine highly pigmented, beautiful shadows. I love it! My morning makeup routine used to be me fumbling through my makeup drawers trying to find the colors I would wear that day. Now I just whip out this pallete and create a look in minutes. And if you can't decide what look to wear, the pallete comes with little cards inside showing pictures of looks you can do and how to do them. All in all, a great purchase.

So, I hope you enjoyed this post and got some ideas for what to get. If you found something at Sephora that you love with all your heart- for me it's really everything, especially the naked eye pallete- leave a comment!


A Long Day Of Filming

Hey Everyone!

So what was technically yesterday- it's 12:06 AM- was a long day of filming. I got together with my friend Elizabeth (I'll link her blog at the bottom of this post) and another friend and we filmed some videos. We were partially doing them for fun but we might post some on youtube. Probably not most of the ones we spent filming yesterday, those were mostly just to get a feel for the whole filming and editing scene. But eventually, we hope to start uploading onto youtube. Would you like that? Let me know.


Elizabeth's Blog!


Hey Everyone!

My name is Riley. I've always loved to read blogs and so I thought I should start one. To get to know me better, here are ten random facts about me:

-I love the shrek series, I still watch it all the time:)
-I am a teen
-My good friend has a blog too! Check her out!
-I have a youtube channel, but I haven't posted videos yet, which is another reason I made this blog.
-I am a neat freak
-I have a mild case of Bieber Fever
-My favorite seasons are summer and winter, total opposites
-I am very into the beauty/style world
-My favorite stores are forever 21, hollister, american eagle, abercrombie, and hollister.
-I have two pets, a dog and a cat.

Check back for future posts! My goal is to do one everyday! (Like thats goanna happen.....)